Walking in the Hard Places of Life

18 08 2009

GardenMy husband Steve is struggling to thrive as his body and his mind failing him as never before. We can live with the failing of our bodies better then we can the failing of our minds. God knows how hard it is for us to walk out life as our bodies and minds fail us, which gives me hope.


            We all have to decide how to walk in those hard places of life. My husband can’t do all that he use to when he was young and neither can I. Today I face the task of becoming a loving caregiver something I thought would happen in my sixties not in my early fifties.


            This change has taken me by surprise and with in has come a call to a higher level of maturity.  This maturity is a call to those hidden areas of my heart filled with the last reserves of unforgiveness, areas I never took the time to work through, yet without forgiving I won’t thrive as a caregiver. To love to the degree that is required now, unforgiveness can not exist in my heart.

            I have often wondered why Steve and I never cared for ailing parents, all our parents have been dead for many years and only his step-mom is still alive and in the care of his step-brother. Today I see God’s plan for I wouldn’t have been able to care for ailing parents and give Steve the companionship he is calling me to give my husband in this season of our lives.


            Maturity always means walking out of denial, and this time it meant I had to accept my husband’s condition and how it impacts my life. My days need to be spent at home with my husband, letting public ministry fall to the wayside, affording me more time in the intimate presences of God which can keep me balanced.


            Another key part of that balance is maintaining good and healthy friendships as well as time for my self. Friends allow me to see from God’s perspective on those days that I can’t see beyond my own circumstances and it is always a joy to go to the gym with Sue, working out allows me to release stress and stay healthy!


Like many of life’s transitions, this one is not one of my choosing, but it is one that I am slowly coming into agreement with, allowing even this change to a positive one, enriching my life.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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2 responses

21 08 2009
Joy Thompson

you said this beatifully, my friend.

22 08 2009

Thanks for your encouragement. It is a hard but good place to be.


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