Lessons of My Favorite Clay Pot

1 09 2009

my plant            Recently my favorite clay pot broke after the hook I put it on gave way. The pot fell on me, hit the stool and landed on the floor breaking into several pieces. Both the pot and the plant were lost, but there were several practical and spiritual lessons that are worth sharing with you.


            The first practical lesson: don’t move a hanging pot you just watered. Having just watered the plant and thought it was a great time to move my pot to the hook right in front of the window to get more light for the summer. So I climbed up the stool and moved the pot, but the weight of the newly watered plant caused the hook in the ceiling to fail, bringing the pot down on my wrist, then bouncing off the stool and impacting the floor breaking into 12 pieces.  Needless to say it is a lesson I won’t soon forget.


            The second practical lesson: don’t vacuum too soon. After taking stock of myself, I looked at my favorite pot and panicked. The pot was broken and I had wet soil all over the stool and the carpet. God was gracious because he knew I only had a short time to do any clean-up before I needed to leave for my day long trip, so I picked up the broken pot, scooped up the plant and the soil, then blotted the carpet with several towels and left. It turned out letting the carpet air dry was the right course of action, because after vacuuming and using a steam cleaner on the spot, the soil all came out! What a blessing!


            Next time we will look at the spiritual lessons this broken pot has taught me.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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