Lessons of My Favorite Clay Pot part 2

5 09 2009

my favorite clay pot            Last time we looked at the practical lessons God taught me from the breaking of my favorite clay pot, now we will explore the spiritual lessons God taught me.


            The first spiritual lesson: We aren’t complete without all the pieces. These are the words I heard the Lord say to me as I picked up the pieces of my pot. I didn’t really understand, but God was talking about my state of Oregon. In Oregon, Portland being the biggest city, often forgets about the needs of the rest of the state. I remember these words as I work with others across the state of Oregon. It doesn’t matter if they are Christians or pre-Christians as Graham Cooke would say. God need us all, and we aren’t complete without each other.


            The second spiritual lesson: Out of life’s messes comes the purest form of ministry. Driving down to Salem I was still in shock, emotionally I had nothing to give to the meeting and so I arrived with a depth of humility and perpective that made it possible for God to take control of all I did and said.  I saw how God orchestrated every event of my life that day for His use.  My perpective was this; I might look fine on the outside but God knows my life and like my office even though it is a mess He can still use me.


          The third spiritual lesson: Letting go is always for the best. After returning home from the Oregon Prayer Gathering I looked at the bag of the broken shards of my favorite pot and didn’t want to part with them.  We are always tempted to hold on to the past, no matter how broken and out of date it is, with the excuse; God once used it. We must allow the lessons to go deep while letting go of the outside reminders to fall like the leaves from a tree at their appointed time. When we let go of the leaves of the past we make room for the new growth that God intends us to have in the future.

         Today, though the stain on my carpet is gone, the lessons will not be forgotten.

Blessings and Complete Joy,



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