Faith’s New Expression

27 10 2009

Yahweh_s_LightHave you ever questioned if God really exists? I believe the answer is yes, God does exist. In this day and age we are often bombarded by others with this question, but what happens when we as Christians are in such turmoil that we question even this most basic of principles. Each of us have to struggle through these basic questions from time to time as God calls our faith to grow, so choose to embrace the question and the accompanying challenge.

I have been struggling through this question recently, and knowing the bible and having the relationship with God I have had in the past, I was not immune.

The farther we get away from our times with our God the closer we come to leaving him and our faith behind. Over the last several weeks I have become overwhelmed with responsibilities and life’s daily grind, and I have allowed my faith  to slip, complicating this was my diving head long into a life without fear, never realizing that so much of my faith hinged on combating the fears which drove my life. I would get up every morning at 4am to pray, so I could make it through the day, never realizing how much fear played into my relationship with God.

What does my faith and my relationship with God look like on the other side of fear? I can’t really explain freedom, because it is so abstract, but the reality is I don’t have to fight through the fears in my life to get to God and now there is such an amazing freedom, where liberty abounds in my relationship with God to the point that I was brought face to face with the question is there really a God, and do I still need him?

Transitions are amazingly profound as they are challenging. Who would have ever thought having freedom from all my fears would bring on a crisis of faith, yet if I thought about it, I would have realized it was coming, because how I relate to the world and my God has changed. The only thing I truly fear now is God. It is not a traditional fear that controls me, but a reverence, respect and awe for the one who created the world.  

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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