Conception and Birth in a Blended Family

7 11 2009

family-blendedAs I prepared the topics for the Trauma bonds list in the Journey to Maturity material, I was faced with a curious question; is there conception and birth of step children in a blended family?

I truly believe there are spiritual conceptions and births in every blended family just as there is physical conception and birth of every biological child in a family.  I can’t give you line and verse on this, but I do believe it is true.

Conception in a blended family happens when the step parent first hears of the existence of that child. Birth occurs when that child becomes a regular part of the blended parent’s life, this often happen before a marriage occurs, which is why so many parents naturally shelter their children from those they are dating. Bonding for children comes so much easier then for adults, because they do not have the negative bonding experiences and so they are much more willing and the need to bond is so much stronger the younger the child is.

So what happens if children and parents in a blended family don’t completely bond or don’t bond at all? There is trauma, and further trauma occurs should the marriage ends, spiritual death happen when bonded children and blended parents aren’t allowed to have further contact. Sometimes such a death is necessary and in such case the feelings and emotions should be allowed to be expressed in a positive manner which promotes healing.

May all of you who are a member of a blended family rejoice in the conception and birth of your spiritual families!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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