Deny Yourself and Follow Me

5 12 2009

            Today I want to talk about fasting; it has been on my mind for the last two weeks, since being called to fast for the first time in over a year.

            Being called to a fast, or feeling like you need to fast, isn’t something miraculous, so something mystic, rather it is a call to deny yourself and follow God more closely. Some fasts are called by a leader of a group, such as a pastor who is seeking break through for their congregation, while other fasts are more personal in nature. Fasts usually have a purpose and direction.

            Having the purpose, or reason why you fast is key. I believe you need to know why you are denying yourself or you really aren’t denying yourself at all. My fast has one main purpose and then several secondary ones. The main purpose is to prepare myself to write an intercessors’ handbook.  From the time I knew I was to fast (purpose), to when I began was about 10 days I waited seven of those 10 before I knew what I was fasting (direction). I am fasting Dr. Pepper, which brings me to the secondary purpose for my fast, getting off caffeine.

            Fasting always has many facets, and for me health is usually one of them. God is using this time to get my mind and body in better shape to be able to spend hours, doing research, seeking the Lord’s direction, and writing the material. It is no surprise, God desire me to have the mental sharpness to complete the task.

            Having a purpose and direction is key to finishing a fast well and adds strength and determination when the desire to break the fast comes, as it always does.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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