Joshua released!

22 12 2009

Today we continue looking at our Joshua’s, those individuals God has called to help each of us find the promised lands of our lives. We are reminded by God in Deuteronomy 3:28 of three things, every Joshua’s need: to be commissioned, encouraged and strengthened.  Today we will look more closely at the first commissioning.

            Commissioning recognizes and releases God’s authority. My friend Sue has a calling to lead people in the area of emotional healing. People like Sue with a Joshua calling upon their lives sit in the pew, feeling the call, but many are lost because they were never called to attend bible college, so they were never recognized (commissioned) and sent forth to lead God’s people. The Christian community must identify, recognize and release these hidden Joshua’s, often called servant leaders, taking them under there wings and caring for them, mentoring them, instructing them, and preparing them to go forth, to do the work of the ministry.

            I remember Fred Littauer taking the time and energy to help me heal, then seeing beyond my past, to mentor me. He and his wife, Florence, had an amazing ability to identify and send people out to do the work of the ministry. They are two of my spiritual heroes and I was blessed by their pioneering spiritual prayer direction in the 1980’s. You knew there was a call on your life from God because they confirmed it as they inspired you.

            For last 20 years I have seen Joshua after Joshua sitting in the pew, struggling to hold on to a calling on their life, and when I do, I ask the Lord to prepare them to fulfill His calling by bringing someone to care and mentor them. When that person is me, I wait, watching as the Lord births this relationship in both of our lives. Once it is birthed I take this relationship seriously, pouring hours into caring, teaching, encouraging, and strengthening them, and when God gives direction, commissioning them. The action of commissioning I take is a spiritual one confirming and releasing the power of God in their lives.

            As we close I would ask you to pray for those Joshua’s you know to receive this very important confirming and releasing of God’s calling upon their lives. Join me next time as we look at encouraging those Joshua’s in our lives.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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