Navitaging the Fog of Transition

13 02 2010

Recently as I drove to K-Praise on the top of Mt. Scott I went into some very dense fog, forcing me to drive very slowly until I finally made it above the fog and into the most amazingly bright blue sky. I was struck by the suddenness of this change and I began to think about how this fog was a lot like the transitions in our lives.

        Driving back down the hill and into the dense fog, I allowed myself to see how my feelings in the fog and my feelings in transition were similar, for feelings of anxiousness and worry arose as I drove down a route I wasn’t use to. These feelings of anxiousness and worry were about the future, causing me to questioning everything from my driving skills, to my choice to drive this quicker way down the hill. It took awhile to relax and enjoy the twists and turns in the road, as I made my way to the bottom of the hill.

          When we are going through transition it takes some time for us to get comfortable with this new path, we naturally questioning everything about ourselves and the situation, so the key is to relax and enjoy the twists and turns of transition and trust that you will get to that amazingly blue sky not unlike the future beyond transition.

          God reminds us in Philippians 4:6, not to worry or be anxious and instead pray for as we do, we allow God’s peace to guard our heart and mind. Focusing on these truths as I went down the hill really made a difference, because the peace of God began to guard my heart and mind, allowing me to relax and enjoy the journey through the fog with Him!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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