Jokes ~ Why I can’t laugh

16 02 2010

In researching writing at the library I found, The History and Philosophy of Jokes, by Jim Holt and had to check it out. I hoped to finally understand why I don’t get jokes and stop feeling stupid.


          Holt wrote about the different types of jokes, jokes at their best help us to understand our surrounding, unfortunately many jokes are crude socially motivated putting downs, but all joke have one thing in common, social relevance. Social relevance is the first key to understanding a joke for you need to know and understand the social environment or context of the joke.


          As I read further Jim Holt wrote; “brain damage can rob you of your sense of humor and the ability to make the creative connection”, this statement allow me to realized that emotional trauma also damages your sense of humor and hinders your ability to make the creative connection, so here was the final key in understanding why I didn’t get jokes.


          Now I relax when I hear a joke instead of tensing up knowing I might  not know the contextual connection, and when I feel emotions rising I  check to see if trauma is clouding my view. Knowing I am not stupid, I enjoy rolling with the punches and letting the jokes slide without asking why. The amazing benefit of my quest has been that when a joke is inappropriate I confidently speak the truth in love.


As I finished the book I was left with this final question, why did God made laughter. Join me next time to read what I discovered.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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2 responses

5 05 2010
Soni Singh

What a fun Ha Ha Ha ha. . . . . . .

8 06 2010

Nice post. Keep on posting……..

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