Why God made us laugh

20 02 2010

As I finished the book, Stop Me If You’ve Heard This, the history and philosophy of Jokes by Jim Holt I wondered if there were jokes in the bible, and there aren’t, some would say it is because of bad translation other would say jokes weren’t a necessity, which lead you another question; why did God create us with the ability to laugh?

         Most of us have seen the effects of laughter in breaking tension, but never knew why. Laughter’s effects upon the body are believed to range from increasing oxygenation of the blood, and reducing stress hormones, to heightening the T-cell activity and bolstering the immune system.

          If you have heard laughter is like medicine for the soul, you have heard a reference to Proverbs 17:22. The Contemporary English Version states simply “If you are cheerful, you feel good; if you are sad, you hurt all over.”

          Many years ago I found myself in a depression after my mom died, so I put myself on a regiment of listening to old radio programs, filling my home with laughter and fun for a month. All based on the truth that laughter is good medicine, and what I found was I began walking out of my depression.   I began to function as the joy of the Lord became my strength and shield even though my mom was dead.

          Laughter as God created it was made to strengthen us, to bring us to a place of being able to do all things through Christ who strengthen us, so the next time you are feeling down allow yourself to laugh and watch His joy and strength well up in you! 

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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