Redemption (part 1)

31 03 2010

Hanging Prayer Shawl materials

Two weeks ago, I went to a flag making class where I learned Paul who was a tentmaker, probably made prayer shawls and other religious items, rather then making what I had always thought of, as camping tents. Finding this out brought an epiphany in my life, because God called me to begin doing some tent making of my own to help cover ministry expense, and like Paul I make prayer shawls as well as jewelry.


     After returning home several days later, I was ripping the material to fill some prayer shawl orders and I could sense the Lord speaking to my spirit, “I am redeeming this”. I didn’t understand why God would say this to me, and then flooding into my mind came childhood memories of helping my mom deliver ceramics, and hidden in some of the boxes were knives for use in ritual. My mom made inlayed knives, as my family had for generations. I was always ashamed of this part of my family history and it was then I realized why God said “He was going to redeem this”, my families’ artistic craftsmanship. As I thought I realized that God had given these talents and abilities for his purposes, but my family had chosen to use them for evil.


     I began to cry as I received God’s redemption of my artistic craftsmanship, knowing that all my God given talents and natural abilities would be used for the Lord and I looked forward a special blessings of a greater connection in the spirit as I create the flags, prayers shawls, while wondering what God would do with an idea I have always had for worship clothing.


Always in awe of God,


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