Being Obedient to the Assignment

24 04 2010

I do a Sunday morning radio program on K-Praise 1330am here in Portland, and as I got ready the Lord said to take communion with me. I wrestled with this assignment. What would people think? What it came down to was I going to be obedient to the assignment I had been given, so as I packed my bag including communion I gave all the elements to the Lord and left it to His direction.


Driving to the station, I told Pam and Janet about having communion. They were excited about taking communion together and as we arrived I had the biggest challenge or so I thought, as I invited the program director to join us.


As we prepared to take communion, Ken, our program director, told us how he had been searching for a church to have communion, and so we rejoiced in God’s bringing communion to him. After taking communion together we then decided to do this every 3rd Sunday of the month and the program director even volunteered to bring communion in May. We went on to have a really sweet time on the radio as we and the station was filled with the joy of the Lord and His presence!


As we finished the program, I could hear the Lord speaking to my spirit once again, “What about your radio audience, there are people who are in the same situation as Ken. Are you willing to step out and have communion live on the radio, inviting anyone in the area to join you?” This time with tears in my eyes rather then wrestling, I said yes and shared with both the program director and my two friends, we agreed it was a wonderful thing and that I would go to the station manager to get his okay before we took communion on air, inviting the community to join us.


Going home, I was in awe of God, and how in being obedient to his small request, He opens doors I never new existed. To God be the glory for the station manage said yes!


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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