Dare to believe

25 05 2010

On Saturday the second SE Prayer Walk was held. The prayer walk was first held to pray for our local 97233 zip code area which has the highest crime rate in the state of Oregon. A year ago we had 3 murders in the span of 2 weeks. Our church and the Christian community were overwhelmed by the darkness which had established itself in our community and so we were prompted to action.


     Last year, God blessed us by gathering 15 churches and over 300 people who crossed language, culture, and denominational barriers to worship, pray and walk seeking the Lord touch upon our area. Since that day, God stopped death in it tracks.


     This year rain was falling the morning of the prayer walk and so the spirits of our church were dampened at the prospect of walking in the rain.  Our worship team knew they couldn’t bring their instruments out to lead the outdoor worship at the prayer walk in the rain, so during our service the Lord prompted me to ask our pastor to anoint the worship team and so he did, and also took time to pray for the God to hold back the rain.


     I know God is still in the business of holding back the rain, because years ago while living in Wasilla, Alaska I praised Him for doing this. Three times a week for over two years, hang out my wash, and watch the Lord hold off the rain until it was off the line. This experience taught me a lot about the provision of God. Much like Alaska, Oregon spring days are filled with rain and Saturday was no exception.


     After service I shared this story with my pastor, and then went home to pray for God to hold back the rain. With joy I looked out of my window several times to see the sun shining brightly.  The next morning, I texted my friend Sue asking if it rained during worship and she responded, “No! It stopped when worship began and held off till the prayer walk was over”. God blessed those who attended the prayer walk with sunshine and I rejoice in the care He has for His people as we walk in unity and faith.


I write these things so that when God asks you to believe, you will step out and do just that, believe!


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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