What Drives Your Productivity?

14 08 2010

Be anxious and sin not so the scripture goes.

God asked me recently to give up my generational productivity because it was and always has been fear based. As I struggled to understand this, I found my ultra productive and over achieving family has done this to survive, because in occultic families, only the productive survive.

            God showed me generations of fear based productiveness and how over time this fear based productivity became a driving force molding my DNA. As I stood before the Lord I saw all my weapons of productivity falling to the ground. God requires none of this productivity; He wants me to be in relationship with him, walking with him, and to stop working so hard.

            Productivity as a coping skill really has some major flaws. Productivity doesn’t foster deep relationships, because your eyes are always focused on works. Now I can go even deeper in relationship both with God and with others, where God is calling me to go.

            It has been a huge surprise, because this all started as I asked God why I couldn’t do things with more excellence and found emotional and captivity in fear based productivity, and so as I followed God’s lead into freedom! As you read, maybe there are conditions that God is calling you to let go of? I say, take the chance and join me in asking God the simple questions that bring freedom!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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