Making Room and Time for God

17 08 2010

Coming back from my 18 day relationship building trip, I knew God was changing things, for I finished the final pages of my travel journal which happens every couple of years and I transitioned from my old calendar to my new one for 2011.


     I came home and felt very anxious looking at my desk with the folders and files filled with ministry projects. I left led to cover it all up, so I took a curtain and covered the folders and as I did I found myself filled with so much joy, it was as if life had just changed.


Sitting there I looked around my room and had a new thought, “make both room and time for God”. I have made time for God in my life for years, but was there room for Him to move freely in my life? I looked physically around my office and I didn’t have any empty space on my walls, and every square foot of space is organized, designated with a purpose, leaving no room for God to move freely.

     Working in the natural, I thought to myself, “I need to empty a shelf”, and then I turned to my project board, after making a Make Room and Time for God sign to put on it.  I began intending to move or better yet, remove some of the ministry stuff. But I realized that was not God’s intention, so often we figure, making room for God is all about quitting or changing ministry focus, the easy way, but God was calling me to something much deeper.


     Looking at the left side of the project board which was covered with extra magnets and favorite sayings, I realized this was the area God wanted, this was a place of comfort and security as I relied on myself instead of God.


     The room God needed is the “me” part. What I mean is I have always hidden my emotions and the most sensitive part of self away in a safe corner so no one could harm or destroy me. And right in front of me on my project board what a physical reminder of this life truth. Sitting there it felt as if God had given over this “God” room to me for a season and now He wanted it back.


     Was I willing to give up this false security and the hidden focus on myself? God had been so generous for so long giving me the room he always intended for himself. I wrestled for just a moment as this revelation opened a door to freedom and then I removed all the magnets and saying and put the sign I had made and a picture I always associate with God’s plan for my life. I also put Hebrew 12:1-3; which talks about throwing off everything that hinders us.


Next time I will talk more about making Room and Time for God.


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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