The Kids are with my Husband

31 08 2010

            Recently I lead a wilderness retreat and during a time of quiet reflection, I decided to take bubbles and go for a walk.


            Emotionally, I didn’t have anything left to give and so taking this walk and blowing away my cares was very therapeutic. When we lead, whether it is as a parent or leading a ministry or church it is okay to be emotionally empty. It can be a marvelous time of getting out of God’s way and allowing God to be God in the lives of those charged to our care.


          On the side of the road as I stood blowing bubbles, two moms walked by and commented on what I was doing. I shared about taking a bubble therapy break while the kids were back at camp with my husband. After sharing about bubble therapy they walked off, deciding to do some bubble therapy of their own.


           I continued blowing bubbles for another 15 minutes before walking back to camp. It was as I walked back that I thought about what I had said about “my husband being back at camp with my kids”. What had I said, I wasn’t there with my husband Steve, but then I thought about being the bride of Christ and how everyone back at camp was in his care. I rejoiced knowing God has been caring for them while He filled my tank!


          Most of us don’t think twice leaving our natural children in the care of our spouse but how many leaders are comfortable with leaving those who follow them, in the care of Christ. We need to trust that Christ will caring for them. When we take a moment and think about it, we know this is true but walking this truth out is totally a different thing.


            I close with this, as I turned the corner toward camp there stood three of my kids who welcoming me back to camp, they were doing great and so was I! Don’t mix my next blog, bubble therapy.


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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