The Challenge of Learning

7 09 2010

In honor of our students going back to school, I want to share my most recent learning challenge in making Victorian Netted Ornaments for the coming Christmas season.


            In June while at the beach I saw these beautiful beaded ornaments, so in July I began gathering the instructions and the needed supplies or so I thought. By August I had both the ornaments and the beads and began working on the Netted Ornaments. Beading these ornaments has been trying,


          I have two ornaments in process so far, the first I did free hand, just playing with beads and getting familiar with the process and found I wanted larger bottom embellishments which now I have to find.


          The second ornament is from a pattern, well almost. I didn’t trust the pattern and thought the netting wouldn’t stretch around the ornament so I added several rows, and when I went to close the netting I had excess, causing the netting to sag at the bottom in two places. But what was I to do? I could cut the thread and start over. I could try to adapt the ornament making the sag in the netting part of the design or I could throw the netting and ornament out all together. 


          So what did I do? I have swallowed my pride and decided to take the netting apart and begin a second time follow the pattern to the letter no matter what. This is my answer to my learning challenge, for someone else they may have had another answer.


            So how do we help those we love learn? The first thing we must do is to resist the urge to jump in and rescue, choosing instead to make room for learning’s productivity, like my sagging ornament. Then only if the learner asks for help do we graciously and with respect help them, keeping in mind this truth: self-worth is not based on performance and how finishing well, doesn’t mean finishing first or even quickly, but rather doing your very best.


As we close, take time to pray for any students you know!


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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