Closing the Spiritual Open Door

25 09 2010

While on the last  trip to see our children I left a bag with my pillow and my exercise disk in the hotel room. This seems very innocent, but what happened later revealed truths about spiritual warfare.


     Opening the trunk at our final destination, we discovered I had left the  bag and called the hotel, they told me they  hadn’t found my bag. but I could make a lost bag report on our return trip , if I wanted.


     Over the years I have left several things and rushed back within minutes to find them, but this time I couldn’t since we had already traveled 6 hours to our new hotel.


     While in our new hotel, I kept hitting  the corner of the bed frame with my left calf. Our room was small, but that is no excuse. At that point some people might have turned to the enemy and told him to get out, but I have watched so many people give the enemy power and ground he really didn’t own and knew if I was just more careful, I wouldn’t get a big bruise? I went on to hit myself at least 7 times more times over the course of the 5 days we were there.


     On our way home we stayed at the first hotel, so I did make the lost bag report and grumbled all the way to our  hotel room. The next morning we went out and had breakfast leaving the sign for the maid to clean on our room as we had done many times before. When I returned my catheter was gone, which got me thinking. We had stayed in this hotel many times on the way to see our kids and never had anything been disturbed in the bathroom, so why had this happened.


     There must be a door open in the spirit somewhere, for twice I had lost things at this hotel. But what do I do? I could go speak to people, which I had, accomplishing nothing or I could go to the Lord confessing my sin and be cleansed of all unrighteousness, stop the enemy from taking precious ground!


     I didn’t need to confess leaving the bag which was simply an accident, but I did need to confess not listening to the Lord, when he prompted me to ask Steve to look around our room before we left, because I  didn’t. Then I confessed being upset about losing the content of my bag and  about the things I had said to my husband about the hotel. These three things had given an open door to the enemy.


     Before this time of confession, I had been feeling very bad about the hotel and about where we stayed on our trip, but after confessing my attitudes and acts (and lack of action), I felt wonderful and went on to have fun with my husband. This single action really made a difference.


     I have to tell you weeks later, the hotel never did find my bag, but two wonderful things have happened. First my bruise, which should have taken weeks to heal, was gone almost before it appeared and I haven’t miss placed anything since. To God be the Glory!


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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