Presence of God

12 10 2010

Recently my floating candle was in need of water, which got me thinking about how water evaporation and the presence of God are similar.


Water evaporates as the water molecules become gaseous when exposed to air.


     I see a similar process as Christians interact with the world. Because it seems as we are in the world the presence of God is drawn out of us, like the evaporating water in my floating candle.


     We don’t think of the world sucking us dry of the presence of God, but as I go through my day, I find God presence can be drawn out of me if I am not properly hydrated, causing me to dry up like my floating candle. This is a natural process.


     So what do we do? First we must realize that even if the world doesn’t understand they need God, they are drawn to His presence, just as a horse is drawn to water. We need God to survive and without him, we can not thrive.


     Second, it is imperative that we hydrate ourselves with living water, the presence of God, on a regular basis. Always being aware that like this floating candle if we let ourselves go dry we will find ourselves stuck on the rocks below us.


     This has been an important lesson which helps me to understand the necessity of staying hydrated with the presences of God, and an amazing thing has happened,  I have been reminded of how staying hydrated allows us to be fountains overflowing with God’s living presence!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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