The Power of Words

1 02 2011

My work vest, reminding me as a pastor, I was there to serve, not to be served.

With a word the Lord created the world.

In 2007 some really destructive words were spoken over me by my boss which until recently I didn’t realize were still working to destroy me.


          I arrived at church to lead prayer before our bible study, and as we finished my pastor began commenting on the vest I had on. I then told him, this was my work vest which I began wearing while leading work parties at the last church I served at, not realizing the significant of what was about to happen.


          Sitting there in the same work vest I had on the day I was fired, He then said, “I want to tell you why I respect you so much.” As he spoke I was taken back to the last time words were spoken over me in my work vest, words that were still destroying me. As my pastor spoke words of life, it was as if my spirit was soaking up living water right from the hand of God.


          I watched and listened as the Lord spoke life into areas that my pastor had no clue were only now slowing coming back to life. He used words that only the Lord could have put into his mouth, for they were some of the same words which four year prior has been used to destroy me, wounding me so powerful that I quit speaking into people lives for almost 2 years.


          Scripture tells us that words can be sharper then a two edged sword and I had learned this first hand 4 years prior, now I experiencing how healing words could be, I marveled at how God was now cutting those destructive words off of me forever, cementing the truth of another scripture which tells us there is life and death in the tongue!


It is so hard to know what words to allow to touch your life; are they life giving, corrective, or are they destructive.


God I thank you for the power of words. Let us see the power to create and use our words wisely!


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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