Elvis must leave the building!

1 03 2011

Since getting sick three weeks ago, I have been on a health roller coaster, going from being so sick I couldn’t get out of  bed to feeling well enough to sit  and watch TV with my husband, but never really getting over this illness.


          When I first got sick I had a head cold which by the end of the first week had migrated into my chest. I battled for another week and then the cold went up into my sinuses and gave me three days of migraines. By the start of the 3rd week there was a deep rattling in my chest when I coughed because the cold had migrated back to my chest.


          Sitting in my office checking e-mails during the third week of my illness, I decided it was time for this illness to leave, then I thought of the old saying, “Elvis has left the building”, and at that moment I decided that like Elvis it was time for this illness to leave the building!


          Sick and tired of being sick, I prayed that God would remove this illness from my body. I had been praying for my healing thought out my illness as had others, but I found by the second day of praying this way I was beginning to make head way in feeling better. With every coughed, I thought about getting well and I would say it is time for Elvis to leave the building and laugh. There is power in joy and there is power in taking up your rightful authority over your life and I was finally to a place where I was ready to do just that!


          I am not completely well but I am so much better, that I even made it to church, thanks be to God that Elvis is leaving the building (if you know what I mean)!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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