Keys to the Kingdom

19 03 2011

For several years people have been giving me keys, first it began with a painting, then scripture, and lately those popular metal keys you can find at the craft store. As a kid I loved to collect keys, so anytime someone had an old key they would add it to my collection. I don’t know how many keys I had, because I never bothered to count them.


          40 years ago, before I got married, I got rid of the key collection, and with it my fascination with keys, until recently when I began working on a new teaching, Keys to the Kingdom.


          Keys open locked doors, from a home or apartment, to safety deposit boxes and yes I can’t forget those precious car keys that get us from on place to another. All keys have an important part in revealing what is inside, no matter what the key is for.


          The Keys to the Kingdom of God are the same. Using these keys provided by God, allows us to enter into amazing places in His kingdom. Some keys everyone can have, like the key of salvation, while other keys, like those of the prophet or apostle are used by only a few.


          In the next couple of blogs we will explore Keys to the Kingdom, ones that are especially valuable to the body of Christ as a whole. The complete set of Keys to the Kingdom will be published as they are finished on a new page called Keys to the Kingdom so that you might know and understand what they are, why they have been given to us and finally how they are to be used.


So join me next time when we look at the most valuable Key to the Kingdom, the Key of Salvation for it opens the door to a personal relationship with God.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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