God’s plan – Giving

2 04 2011

I am on the Portland Good Friday Breakfast committee and after I left one meeting I found myself asking this question, do we give 10% of the tables for the Lord’s use? Then I asked the more important question, do I give 10% of the prayer shawls, flags and jewelry I make for the Lord’s use? I give 10% of my money, but God was calling me to another level of giving.


            Soon after I was asked by my church  to do a teaching on intercession and as I prepared I felt the stirring of the Lord to take the box of mini prayer shawls to give to all who attended. I was so excited for I knew where to give my 10%.


            As I prepared for the evening, the Lord made it very clear how important it was for one of the women at my church to be there, I didn’t even know her name, but it didn’t stop me from praying that nothing would stop her from attending the night I spoke.


            The night came for the teaching and I was sad as I watched people gather and she wasn’t there. But just as worship ended, she walked in and so with assurance I began teaching, knowing the plans of the Lord would be accomplished.


            I watched with anticipation as each person chose their prayer shawl, paying special attention to this woman and after we ended I shared with her how I knew the Lord had something very special for her that night. She then shared  how God used the truths of this teaching to confirm what he had been saying to her earlier.


            As I left I was so excited for I knew both God and man had shown up, little did I know the blessing that was waiting me because of this step out in faith to give!

Join me next time for the rest of the story.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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