Egypt vs. the Promised Land

8 04 2011

So many people I know are struggling to walk out of Egypt (their past) and into their Promised Land (their future).


            God speaks volumes in the bible about the Israelite’s struggle to fulfill God’s plan (their destiny) and enter the Promised Land (their inheritance).


            There is so much death surrounding their struggle, death of enemies, death of self and death of friends, and as with the Israelites, we are tempted to stay in Egypt for the loses are so great, comforting ourselves,  by saying; at least we know the lay of the land, and what we will encounter. But we must do the courageous thing, and realize that out of death, comes new life. If Israel had not left Egypt, there might not have been a savior through the line of Judah.


            So, beware of “stinkin thinkin” that focuses or glorifies the past, refuse to go physically, emotionally or spiritually back to Egypt, choosing instead to do the hard thing to enter or stay in the Promised Land for there is where both your destiny and inheritance are!


Always remember, our yesterday’s can be like Egypt,

 a source of shame and bondage.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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