We are Responsible for Our Faith

16 04 2011

Taking responsibility for our faith is more than just believing in Jesus, it is being willing to do the hard thing and taking responsibility for cleaning up your act.


          It has been over three years since I last taught the Spiritual Hygiene material (you can find some of this teaching on the Equip page of this blog) and through those years I have matured and my perspective has also changed, while the material sat taking up space in my filing cabinet.


          Today, I am even more convinced that one of the goals of the Spiritual Hygiene teaching is to highlight this truth: we are responsible for our faith. This simple truth changes the ball game when it comes to how we handle sin.


          Because Adam and Eve would not taking responsible for their faith, they fell, taking the easy road and saying from the bushes “The devil made me do it!” This is an important lesson that as we look at Spiritual Warfare, what I call Spiritual Hygiene, we must address.


          With one simple step, taking responsibility for our faith, our lives change and we naturally mature. Taking responsibility for our faith also allows us to put on the Armor of God with confidence, for we are strong and “able to stand our ground when things are at their worst, (like when we sin) to complete every task and still to stand” as Ephesians 6:13 (NEB) tells us.


          Taking responsibility is not only our right, it is our choice, one that if we do not take will land us cowering in the bushes with Adam and Eve saying, the devil made me do it, and don’t believe any of us want that.


          Next time we will talk about sin and why it is imperative we take responsibility for our actions, freeing ourselves to come with reckless abandon to our God.


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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