Don’t be like a Computer – Forgive!

7 06 2011

Recently I learned a lesson on forgiveness while working on my computer. I had been working on blogs for a couple of hours and before beginning that process I was journaling on my computer.


          I carefully closed all the blogs and saved them before turning off the computer, but when I got to my journal and the final window, I forgot I hadn’t saved it and said not to saving changes, losing all that I had written.


          In the past I would have been heart-broken and would have tried to re-construct what I had written. It has been a process to realize I just have to let it go, but that morning it was different as I realized that computers are like people who can’t forgive.


Computers for the average person aren’t very forgiving. 

One key stroke and all can be lost.


          What a blessing it is when you and I forgive. Forgiveness isn’t a do over, rather it is, saying,  “I know you are human and you make mistakes just like me.” Some times forgiving is simple, like if a toddler doesn’t say, “excuse me” when he/she push their way in the middle of your conversation, while other times, like when your boss forgets your human, it is more of a challenge to forgive.


That morning, I had to choose to forgive myself for being human and leave it at that, what about you?


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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