Inviting God In!

5 08 2011

Last time we talked about what are we inviting into our lives, and in this post I want to talk about why we should invite the Lord into our lives daily.


     So often we think inviting Jesus into our lives is a one-time event only for the new believer. Yet if we don’t continue to extend that invitation to God, to come ever deeper into our lives, we will never attain the maturity He intends us to have. We also endanger becoming who God created us to be.


     For the last month I have been inviting God deeply into my life and it is changing me and giving me peace a new-found peace as I prepare to enter into this new season of reconciliation and grace (we will talk about this new season in a future posting). The peace I have has had some surprising effects.


     Recently, I came upon a bank error which caused my account to be sent to collections. In the past I would have become so upset. Yet as I prepared to enter the bank I remembered that everyone makes mistakes and because of my attitude the bank manager took care of the error, contacting both my credit card company and the collection agency then credited my account with the bank fees before she called me back to tell me how it had all be resolved.


    I am so thankful each and every day for the effects of inviting God ever deeper into my life!


(To see the prayer I use, please visit the “Restore page” of this blog.)


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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