Are we Ready for Reconciliation?

13 08 2011

Are we ready for reconciliation? This is the question I am pondering after listening to a man of God who came to the Portland Metro area to preach and teach. He spoke briefly about himself and his Portland history and year our rejecting his message. As I listened a burden for reconciliation began to rest upon me.


     I have felt this burden of reconciliation only one other time, when I was called to lead a team to bring reconciliation between Portland and the state of Oregon.  After the gathering ended, I ask my friend to introduce me to her the senior pastor so I could ask if he would initiate reconciliation on behalf of Portland with this man of God. Yet even after talking to the pastor, where he assured me that they would take action, the burden of reconciliation did not leave me.


     We need reconciliation, but do we choose to seek/release it when it is available?


     What do we do when reconciliation has been unavailable for so long that when it becomes available we miss it all together. Do we dare function without this loss in place and what would reconciliation mean to us and our capacity to serve? When we allow God to bring reconciliation then our burden to serve becomes our greatest joy as the blessings of God become uninhibited in us and through us to those we serve.


This is the call I hear even today… Oh church, I speak to you now, be my vehicle of reconciliation and share my mercy and grace.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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