Entering into a New Season of Reconciliation and Grace

16 08 2011

 I am convinced that we are entering into a new season of reconciliation and as we enter into this new season we also receive its byproduct grace!


     I believe God is bringing us into a unique time of reconciliation, several prophetic people, including Mario Marillo is speaking of this open heaven over Portland, where many will come to Christ. I believe this reconciliation is both inside as well as outside the church.


     God is calling us all to forgive others as we have first been forgiven. It is a time where those who have been wounded will be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually, some miraculously!


     Recently at church, a woman was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Her blood sugar (she is diabetic) and vital signs were fluctuating so greatly that she was in real danger, as her son finished telling me, I offered to pray for him and his mother. As I began to pray I sensed the “Balance” so I began praying for his mother’s body to come back into balance and for her to partner with God in this process. During the service our pastor also led our church in praying for his mother.


     An hour and half later after the service ended, the son of this woman came up and said “I have to tell you I just called my dad and mom’s vitals are balanced, her blood sugar is good and she is sitting up cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper!” We were both overjoyed and I couldn’t contain my praise of our almighty God!


     When the service began my friend feared for his mother’s life and after he was overjoyed at how God had reconciled the situation, showing mercy and grace to he, his mother and their family!


     Join me next time when we talk more about this new season of reconciliation and grace!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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