Reconciliation Between God and Man

23 08 2011

We continue looking at this new season of reconciliation and grace by understanding what reconciliation is. Webster’s dictionary tells us reconciliation is: to restore to friendship, harmony or communion. Reconciliation in the bible is found in two forms, the first is between man and man the second is between God and man.


     Today we will look at reconciliation between God and Man for in understanding how God reconciles, we understand the importance of grace as it enters in and brings about the miracle of reconciliation!


     The reconciliation of God and man took a mediator (Col 1:20) Jesus Christ as often is the case of any truly difficult reconciliation. Early in man’s relationship with God we made choices (in the Garden of Eden) that caused division in our relationship as we broken harmony and communion with our heavenly Father.


     I believe our actions broke his heart and yet he had compassion upon us, for at the appropriate time our mediator appeared. The moment of reconciliation came as Jesus did what we could not do for ourselves, restore our relationship with God. For two thousand years we have been walking in the fruit of this reconciliation and yet for some like the seed that fell among thorns which was choked out by life’s worries and riches (sounds like America) so they didn’t mature, they fell away. (You can read more about the parable of the seed in Luke 8:4-15.) We must free ourselves from every hindrance and the sin that so easily entangles us and find our way back to God.


Join me next time as we continue looking at this new season of Reconciliation, as we finish reconciliation; between God and Man.


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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