Tearing Down the Meaningless – a response to Ecclesiastes

20 09 2011

I have been reading Ecclesiastes and find the Lord doing a new thing, as He tears down the meaningless within me. Sometimes we allow the meaningless things of life to pile up, becoming a protection and shield, instead of tearing them down and relying on God. As I responded to the gospel, I saw my need to tear down meaningless in my life, no matter the cost.


I prayed this heart-felt prayer:

“All the things we strive for are meaningless. I would ask your forgiveness for going after meaningless things. I would ask for your help to let go of all meaningless things. I want to know and do your will. I am lost without you and as I hold on to meaningless things, life itself becomes meaningless. I come before you and ask your forgiveness to let go of every area where meaningless things have overcome the truth of who you are.”


            As I finished praying, I began feeling God move in my spirit, for I saw my meaningless building being torn down in my mind. As the dust settled I saw myself standing in the pile of rubble and knew I was longer lost in the meaningless anymore. Then as suddenly as the buildings were torn down, the rubble was gone. I can’t adequacy share the relief and joy I felt standing there alone with Jesus.


No longer am I content to focus on the meaningless things of life because I don’t want life itself to become meaningless anymore.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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