Hunger for Meaning

8 10 2011

Several years ago everyone was reading the book Purpose driven life. As I reflect on this I am reminded that everyone hungers for meaning.


     Throughout Ecclesiastes Solomon writes, everything is meaningless. If we focus on the meaningless we find ourselves going down into a deep pit of depression, much like King Solomon did.


     So what is meaningful? Webster’s dictionary tells us it “is the thing one intends to convey, by language”. In further study, several synonyms jumped out at me. The first is significance, the other is value.


     To gauge how meaningful something is we need to look at significance and value. In my last post, I saw the value of going with my husband and the significance of attending the memorial giving me confidence to make the best though costly choice. In going beyond the surface of meaning, we mine the gold of significance and silver of value, allowing us to identify and discard the meaningless chaff, and embrace the meaningful which God meant to enrich our lives.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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