Eternal Healing

5 11 2011

Often events bring us face to face with our past and how we deal with it is a mark of the amount of healing we have.


Earlier this week everyone celebrated Halloween and instead of getting upset about it I told people I don’t celebrate Halloween, just as some people don’t celebrate Christmas or other holidays.


I had someone even say they were sorry and tried to give me some Halloween candy. I said thank you but that I didn’t want any and smiled as I left, feeling a huge victory in my life.


In years past as I struggled to work through the trauma associated with Halloween I would either hide out or become so upset causing everyone around me to walk on pins and needles.


The think of the alcoholic who spends times with friends and family on New Years Eve and said; no to alcohol without saying they are a recovering alcoholic and asking others not to drink around them so they won’t slip out of their sobriety.



The true mark of eternal healing is when you and everyone else can be themselves no matter the situation.


I challenge you to work through the old traumas allowing them to pass away that the new life in Christ might come!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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