Biscuit Lesson

19 11 2011

Recently I met with a friend for breakfast and as we sat talking the Lord taught us both this amazing lesson about letting God live outside our control box.


Sitting together I took one of the biscuits off my plate and ask my friend, how would you make a biscuit?  We both knew the answer to that, she would go into the kitchen get all the ingredients and after mixing them all together she would put them in the oven to bake and when they came out she would have a batch of biscuits.


Then I asked her, how would God make biscuits? We both knew He wouldn’t have to bake them; they would just come into existence, like the manna He provided for Israel while they roamed in the desert.


Raising the biscuit one more time, I asked her which she would rather have; the security of being in control and making her own biscuits or the joy of watching the miracles of God happen around her? Giving up control is a tough choice for my friend, but in the end we both wanted to witness the miracles of God!


What about you? Are you willing to let God be God, letting him outside of the box you have created for him?


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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