My Blunder, God’s Grace

17 01 2012

In 2012 we will find so much going on that we will make some blunders. Be careful not to blame the enemy when in reality by taking responsibility you allow God grace to bless you.


Recently while working on my computer and needed to change the wax in my wax burner, but forgetting it was still too hot to handle I spilled some on my open notebook screen and keyboard.


Because I wasn’t thinking, I could have lost everything on my computer if the keyboard didn’t work, so I backed up everything on my external hard drive and then went about the job of getting as much of the wax off as I could. Janet, a friend, called and she said that the enemy was always causing problems. This was far from the enemy’s work, I got busy and made a big blunder.



Out of God’s grace came several wonderful things. First I did the first of the year back up of all my files, which I hadn’t done yet. Second I found in pulling off each key on my keyboard, I got all the other junk under the keys. God grace is amazing because after spending an hour cleaning my computer I feel like I have a new computer because the keyboard works so well.


The third thing was my husband and I looked seriously at replacing this computer which often shows its processing age and I made a commitment to revisit this after the Igniting the Kingdom Gathering in February, providing I have the money. I have been saving my pennies so to speak to get the new computer, but figured it would be an end of 2012 purchase.


I am reminded of God’s grace and provision in my life every time the computer warms up for I can still smell the aroma of Black Cherry and Vanilla from the wax that I spilled on the key board! God took my blunder through his grace and has made it a wonderful thing!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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