Fault verses Consequences

25 02 2012

Humans naturally believe God’s unconditional love should negate consequences. When in reality unconditional love is to love without finding fault, which has nothing to do with consequences.


Fault in this context is an intellectual imperfection or impairment while a consequence is a conclusion resulting from reason or argument. They are two very different things.


Simply put, fault is the human condition while consequence is the result of human action.


Because of James 1:5 we know we can ask God without him finding fault, this is part of His unconditional love, he love us in spite of our human condition. When we understand this we can begin to untangle our sin driven belief that God’s love and the death of Christ, negates consequences here on earth.


Clearly every breath of life reveals that the Love of God and the death of Christ were never meant to negate consequences because the Love of God established choice and it is that choice which brings consequences.


We must not fault, distrust or doubt God because of our choices and there consequences.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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