God Wants a Place in our Lives and Hearts

6 03 2012

Last time we talked about the first winged back chair lesson, God is Here with us. Today we will move to the second lesson, God wants a place in our lives and in our hearts.


A month before the gathering the team was so excited to see the vision the Lord had, so to surprise them I showed up early to place chair on the platform. There alone,  I struggled with where to put it, did it go front and center or should it stand-off to the side? When it came down to it, God didn’t care, He just wanted to have a place. We forget, before He can come front and center in our lives, He has to have a place in our hearts, so don’t beat yourself up if God isn’t front and center in your life right now. The real question is; does He have a place in your live and in your heart at all?

That morning as I struggled to get the winged back chair up on the platform I forgot to make sure the chair was in perfect position for I was just thankful  it was there at all, serving to reminding us, we should always rejoice in His being in our hearts and in our lives.

When the morning of the gathering came someone else brought the chair to platform and as the preparation progressed the chair migrated to  the center of the platform as people added the table and the lamp and then the worship team prepared for the gathering. God was in charge of where the chair needed to be, and with our lives it is the same. If we give him a place in our lives, His place will naturally become the source for who we are.


So remember, it isn’t where God is in our lives, but that He is there that really matters!


Join me next time as we learn the third lesson, God love us just as we are.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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