Am I too stressed to Be Blessed?

31 03 2012

Last time we talked about struggling with change. As we enter this new season, if we aren’t careful we can find ourselves too stressed by all the change to recognize God’s blessings. If all our focus is on the change going on around us, then we may feel we aren’t being blessed by God. Which is far from the truth.


            We must choose to focus on God, rather than on the stress of the change, because God means to become part of his blessing. Men often don’t see change as a blessing. My husband always said that change has three effects and two of them are bad. But is that really the case?


            When we perceive change as a bad thing, then we will only see the bad, and when we see only the bad, we will always miss the blessings of God. Imagine if you were one of the Israelites and you were standing at the Red Sea watching as the Egyptians approached. You had experienced so much change and now this. Would you have seen your situation as a blessing and yet as Moses raised his hands not only did the Red Sea part for you to cross, but also swallowed up the Egyptians as the sea returned.


            When we are in the middle of change, that isn’t the time to assess the blessing, it is time to be so focused on God that you will be delivered to the other side!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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