Lesson of the Windshield Wipers

14 04 2012

Several weeks ago while driving down the freeway it began to rain. My mind wandered as I watched the windshield wipers feverously working to clear the rain off my windshield.  Then my attention turned to hard the rain was coming down and that couldn’t have gone an inch farther without them.

As the rain began to let up my mind focused on the lesson God was trying to teach me,  that sometimes life brings us to a place where Christ is like these windshield wipers, a safety feature.


When it isn’t raining you don’t need to use your windshield wipers unless your windshield is dirty and that is how we can be lured into thinking about Christ. We must stop thinking of Christ as a safety feature and realize Christ is like the fuel that runs the engine in our cars. Without him we can’t go very far. How often are we coasting home on fumes at the end of the day.


Even if we understand and think of Christ as the fuel we need, we can be found complaining about the time and effort it takes to connect with Christ, much as we do the high price of gas. We make excuses like having to provide and care for our families or that we aren’t in the right place to take time away, we have to break the mentality that allows us to think we can pass on taking time with Chirst, like passing up the gas stations that doesn’t carry our brand or because the price is too high because we know there is another one further down the street. 


God’s gentle windshield wiper lesson reminding us all that Christ isn’t just a “safety feature” of the Christian faith, he is fuel we need! So how do we get out of this habit of makes Christ just a feature of our Christian faith, like the cross or tee-shirt we wear. We have to make the choice to acknowledge how critical he really is, and expend the time and effort allowing him to fuel our engines!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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