Candle Stick Lesson #2 – Different and Unique

5 06 2012

In the previous installment of the Candle Stick lessons we learned, often man falls short of God’s picture and we must not get frustrated by this. In this installment we learn, just as there are three different sizes of candle sticks each of us in the body of Christ have a slightly different part of the lighting the world as God intends.


These three different sized candle sticks bring a unique beauty and grace as well as interest as they sit in my office.  Three identical candle sticks would be boring for they lack both interest and graceful beauty which greets my eye.


So often when we see someone who is doing something well, we think, if we just had more of them. Two Billy Graham’s would have been one to many for God for it is his uniqueness which allows him to capture our attention, just as only one Jesus could pay the price for our sins.


We do not need to be like the person next to us, in fact God needs us to be unique for it is only through our uniqueness that his plans and purposes are fulfilled.  Unfortunately Christians can feel they aren’t of great value to God causing them to think they are a failure and so they walk away from God and their faith. Remember, just as the beauty of these graceful candle sticks would be lost without the differences, so the beauty and grace of God is lost without the uniqueness that each of us bring to the body of Christ.


I am reminded that everyone has someone in their lives who would be lost without them, even if it is only for a moment, so never stop being who God created you to be!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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