What has Gone Wrong with America’s Faith?

16 06 2012

Have you ever woke up with a question, and as the day progress have the question loom larger and larger within you. The question I have been pondering is: What has gone wrong with America’s Faith.


Over the next several blogs, we will be talking about the love of God and how our faith can get off track. As we begin this series of posts we must have the meaning of two very important words, Accept and Receive, for these are key to what has gone wrong with our faith.


To accept love, is to endure without protest, to understand, while to receive love is to allow it to enter, through your mind or senses. Two very different and yet similar concepts. We can accept love on the surface, the easy thing, or we can do the hard thing, allowing the love of God to make a difference.


Join me next time as we talk about how accepting God’s love isn’t enough!  


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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