Boldness to Speak and Teach

25 08 2012

In our series Moving in the Spirit today we are reminded that even though we are not all theologians, we should speak with boldness!


Act 18:25  He also knew much about the Lord’s Way, and he spoke about it with great excitement. What he taught about Jesus was right, but all he knew was John’s message about baptism.


Apollos knew much about the scriptures and was a good speaker (vs. 24) even though he was not a theologian. So often because we don’t have formal training we stop ourselves from speaking truth that will set others free. Apollos did nor allow his lack of training to stop him, and later in Acts we see the apostles teaching more of Christ, making him even more effective.


I know a woman named Peggy who has much knowledge of the scriptures, but no formal training. She speaks with such compassion and yet authority to those she meets in the coffee shop, grocery store and on the street. She mentors and touches the lives of countless people the church would otherwise never touch. Being a theologian is not what sets us apart for the work of the ministry, rather it is work and the movement of the Holy Spirit in us which does! 


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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