The Great Grace Burger Journey to Joy!

29 09 2012

Recently I had a vision. It could be viewed in one of two ways, either as a Great Grace Burger or a Sin Sandwich.  I saw this vision as I struggled to resolve the residual anger and unforgiveness I had toward my husband.

At first I didn’t see anything, sensing only my foundational relationship with Christ, like the layer of mayonnaise which you find on most sandwiches!

I began confessing and repenting a years at a time followed then I watched as the Lord placing the blood of Jesus over everything.

As the blood of Jesus dripped down over my redeemed life-like the catsup in a hamburger, I saw everything from a new perspective and realized my life was forever changed. But I wasn’t finished yet, because the residual anger toward my husband was still there.

To make sure I forgave everyone including my husband and everything including any demonic interference I chose to forgive all of creation, what could it hurt. I wanted to cover everything. As I worked through the years, I found lots of residual unforgiveness in places I didn’t expect and finally came upon the source of the residual anger toward my husband.

I was face to face with the truth that I hated Portland, Oregon, the city I now lived in and my husband, whose job caused us to live here. As I forgave the people of Portland and then my husband for bringing me here, I felt joy and a totally redeemed life! As I rested,  I noticed what can only be described as a Big Mac, which I call the Great Grace Burger, built before my eyes!

Hours later with joy I shared with my husband and asked his forgiveness. There has been such peace in our house since that day and a deep sense of joy fills those dark corners of my life where residual anger and unforgiveness were hidden.

If you have residual anger and unforgiveness (or know someone who does) don’t waste another day, allow God to build you your own Great Grace Burger!

To read the steps I took in more detail, please visit the restore page of this blog!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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2 responses

29 09 2012
Rebecca Tellez

I love your vision of the burger. I am so grateful that you share your struggles and healing with us, giving us the tools we need to build our own grace burgers. May you continue to walk in peace.

2 10 2012
silver account

We need to keep in mind that to forgive is not to say, “What the company did to my husband is ok; it is fair.” Instead, when you forgive, you are aware that what happened to your husband was unfair and it will always be unfair. Forgiveness does not invalidate this truth. As you forgive, you offer a cessation of resentment (which can take time) and try as best you can to see those who hurt your husband as persons—possessing worth in spite of what they did. Forgiveness can help you reduce anger so that you have more energy to be with and help your husband as you both work through this.

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