Power of Your Testimony!

6 10 2012

Last time we talked about how we are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. And today I want to talk about the power of your testimony.

I was sitting in Key Bank talking with Benjamin one of the Mangers as he worked to get my on-line banking working before opening a business savings account.

I shared about how excited I was to have the bank so close to my house. I then asked him if he was a Christian, which he said yes, so I told him the rest of the story, how I had been asking the Lord for a Key Bank branch closer to my house and when I saw the land go up for sale, I asked the Lord, there Lord, please can it be there and left it at that. Then months later I saw the sign which said, Key Bank is coming soon I rejoiced.

As I finished telling Benjamin the story he walked out of his office to get a the copy of the documents he needed me to sign and it was then I saw the On Point Credit Union bill board ad larger than life out his office window. Not wanting this young man to be discouraged I asked the Lord to remove the ad and put up something to encourage him.

Less than 30 minutes later as I was signing the paperwork I noticed old bill board ad was being taken down and a new one was being put up, and I was so amazed at how quickly the Lord answered my prayer that I shared with Benjamin how I prayed the Lord would always use that billboard to encourage him.

Walking out the door of the bank I was in awe and rejoiced for God loves his children so much and thanked Him for hearing and answering both of my prayers! Always remember your testimony makes God real to others and because Benjamin is a Christian it was a great bonus because we could rejoice together!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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