Who the Devil is Really?

27 11 2012

As we enter these final weeks of 2012 we are starting a new series about the devil. We will be focusing on who he is today as well as who he was yesterday and who he will be in the future. If you have specific questions about who the devil is please contact me at completejoyministries@gmail.com and I will try to answer you.

So let’s begin..

WE give the devil far too much credit for what is going on both in the world and in our lives. Far too often we are giving him credit he never deserved.

The devil is an influencer, not a world changer. He influences our choices for after all he is just a fallen angel. Angels can’t change the world, they appear and disappear to influence us and the things that are happening.

How long are we as children of God going to miss the mark by giving the devil credit for our current situation, especially when we are choosing to make bad decisions just like Adam and Eve.

The devil influenced Eve by reminding her she had choices. That is what the devil does, he reveal the choices we never realized we had. Take this example in my own life: I was given a beautiful pair of brass candle holders, with a minor problem they were missing one of the four glass inserts, which lead me on a hunt at second-hand stores for either one to match or 4 new ones.

During this hunt, I couldn’t find a matching one so I would try to buy pairs of inserts and bring them home, when they wouldn’t work, I would take them back for a credit. I brought home one pair which I like better than the ones I had, so I decided to keep them which meant I now had two inserts to donate instead of returning. It was then the devil revealed a choice I could make, to take the stickers off the pair I bought and put them on the pair I was going to donate and in that way I could get a two dollar credit.

What was the harm in that, I thought to myself. Do you see how the devil worked to influence me into making a bad choice. I had a choice and in the end I did take the pair of candle holders back to goodwill, as a donation.

This is what I mean about the devil being an influencer, not a world changer.  So the next time you find yourself suddenly realizing you have an option you hadn’t thought of, check the source and make the wisest choice!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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