Faith’s Challenge

6 04 2013

Girl sitting by the SeaHas God challenged you to believe for anything lately? It is in those time when God is challenging us to believe that our faith is exercised and grows stronger.

Our faith heals us, it is our faith that saves us. Faith is a muscle that we must allow to become stronger. In this new season our faith is key!

Currently CJM does not have an office to meet with clients, so I use my former pastor’s office when it is not in use or the local Shari’s restaurant in a pinch. God has been challenging me to pray and to begin believing for my own office and the monthly income to cover this additional expense.

Everything is out of my price range, so it will be an act of God for CJM to have even the smallest office space of its own.

I can believe for God to keep a woodpecker away for my grand-daughters chimney (see the last several post to read more), but can I believe for God tofaith challenge provide for CJM? There are countless stories of men and women who took God’s promises into their own hands both in the bible and you might even know a few (or even you) to make sure they happened. I think of Abraham and Sarah and the mess which their choices created. But is there a better way?

Second we can spin our wheels, spending hours in worry and anxiousness allowing ourselves to be sidetracked and once again loosing out on the blessing like the women who ran back to get oil for their lamps. There is a third option but it is the road less traveled.

We can believe without doubting, choosing to rest knowing God is challenging us to believe “he” will do this, and walk forward as “he” does the impossible. This third option is the toughest of the three, building our faith and bring about the growth God intends. As we response in this way to our own personal faith challenges we will find God blessing in bringing about his promises, for we have not gotten in his way!

I am taking this third option as I take up this faith challenge waiting expectantly, watching for God do the impossible in his timing, oh yes, I didn’t tell you, He said wait two months! So I hope you will pray in agreement and believe with me for God to release this new CJM office.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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6 04 2013

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