What is Love Anyway?

13 11 2013

21909694_sWe are in a new series called: What is love anyway? Today we look at the first use of the word love in the bible which is ahab, which means to have affection for (sexually or otherwise).

It doesn’t matter what version of the bible you use, whether KJV, NIV or another version; the first use of love is a self gratifying, selfish love.  The KJV speaks of Issac’s love for food, while the NIV speaks of the intimacy between Adam and Eve.

Humanly speaking as infants we come into this world seeking self-gratification, crying for our parents or other Baby and bottlecaregivers to meet our needs. Our first experience of love is one that is selfish and then as we grow, the world around us teaches us what love really is.

Some of us never grow out of this self focused, self gratifying love because our original needs were never met, others because they never had anyone who cared enough to teach them, while still others never had the ability (capacity) to grow beyond this initial type of love.

Our capacity to give and receive love grows as we experience life. To grow beyond self focused, self gratifying love as adults we must look at our experiences and our love capacity.

My capacity to give and receive love was hindered as I grew as a result of unmet needs from being raised in an occultic family. I believed all love was self focused, self gratifying until at age 17, I encountered God. He cared enough to begin the process of expanding my capacity to give and receive love as He filled the gaps in my love capacity.

For God so loved the world… this love is self-less, it gives sacrificially and thinks of others before themselves. This mature love stands in opposition to the self-focused, immature self gratifying love of our infancy.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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