Revelation – part 2

22 02 2014

6304066_sWe are in a series about the difference is between demonic attack and demonic oppression using a series of events which happen in my own life.  To read from the beginning go to the January 29th post in this blog.


There have been ebbs and flows in demonic attacks but they do come to an end. What I didn’t know was as I worshiped God that day, He would give me understanding and a blessing beyond anything I could have asked for or imagined!


The story continues…


By the time I got ready to go to church the next week, now almost 2 months since the first heart episode, I was stronger. I found myself so excited to church! I was now carrying a heart monitor that I affectionately called ET because every so often it would require me to send in reading, ET would phone home!


I picked up my friend and we went to church. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I 8450347_sworship the Lord begins talking to me gently and when those moments come I sit down and write what I am hearing.


The Lord confirmed that I had been under attack. Telling me the enemy was given 2 months to break me and now that it was coming to an end the Lord was going to give me 2 years of blessing. I told the Lord, “Let it be to me as you have said. Then I heard the Lord say, in that case, “I decree 20 more years of profound blessing to be released into your life this day”.


I was in awe, I was in tears. I felt overwhelm knowing this season of trial was coming to an end and to my surprise I had been given 22 years of blessing from the Lord.


Join me next time to learn how this trial changed me.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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