Letting the Former Season Finish, Regrets and All!

11 04 2014

10232309_sWe ended our conversation about regrets with this statement, I am not saying that letting go of regrets is always a quick or simple process, but it is a process that allows my joy to be restored!

Looking again at the definition of regret; to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, esp. a loss or missed opportunity).

I want to give you a recent regret I had concerning the old seasons of my life. I used to garden and always regretted stopping.

I remember all the joy I used to have in my garden with the kids, going out and picking fresh lettuce, strawberries, and digging red potatoes! Recently I missed growing strawberries so much that I looked for a way to begin growing them again and found a hanging Strawberry kit!

I went to the store all ready to buy the hanging strawberry kit when the Lord began to speak to my spirit. He reminded me I didn’t have the strawberries - pint20377796_stime to lead CJM and tend a garden even this small hanging garden. It would become another source of stress both at home and at work. I walked away regretting that I didn’t have time for a garden.

By the time I left the store the Lord had helped me work through my regrets and even reminded me, I could use the $5 I would have spent on the kit to buy a pint of two of strawberries to make smoothies and other desserts I loved. As I began seeing things from His perspective, my regrets had turned to expectancy for strawberries to arrive in the store!

I still remember those special times in my garden now without regrets, because that season has finally finished. There was an added benefit, as the next day I released the planting of the small hydrangea, a neighbor gave us, to my husband and when I got home, the neighbor had given him a second one filling the matching planter, which was an answer to my prayer to have the two planters match!

When we let the former season finish, regrets and all, God brings more blessings than we can ever imagine!

Blessings and Complete Joy,

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One response

11 04 2014
Rebecca Tellez

What a timely word. Thank you for posting and giving us all a fresh look at seasons left behind and new seasons arriving. I am so glad that you share the Lord’s words to you.

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