Walking by Faith and Not by Sight!

13 06 2014

9226064_sSo much of our walk in this new season is by faith and not by sight! Recently I was in the NE corner of Oregon leading a group of people to re-establish the cornerstone of Christ. These journeys are always filled with surprises as we walk in faith!

We got to La Grande, Oregon and found out the Highway we hoped to travel the next morning was closed with 15 feet of snow. So as my co-leader put it, we were re-routed!

We got up the next morning having decided to travel up the highway as far as we could and then visit a retreat center owned by friends of one of our Idaho team in the hopes of planting the tree someone had brought! As we traveled, we got lost going up the wrong highway for almost an hour, making us two hours late into Joseph to meet the final group from Idaho. They literally prayed us into Joseph!

After lunch we drove to the Indian cemetery where we prayed and then traveled on to the retreat center. As we got there it was pure joy to finally be somewhere we could worship and pray. Everyone anticipating planting our tree.

Little did we know the blessings God had in store for us as the couple who owned the retreat center welcomed us with open arms even having two places ready for trees to be planted! What a blessing we felt as they joined us in the chapel for a time of worship and prayer. It was then I began to cry as I remembered the Lord’s words, “you are to go to retreat center in the NE corner of Oregon” and here we were!

What a sweet time it is when we walk by faith and not by sight!

Blessings and Complete Joy,

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